Islands of Lakshadweep

Often referred to as the gateway to the islands because of the presence of the islands’ lone airport, Agatti is a more a getaway! The island’s beautiful lagoons, abundance of marine life and coral reefs make it an interesting place to spend your holidays.

Agatti is 459km from Cochin on Kerala’s coast. It is located at10°- 51 North Latitude and 72° longitude, about Its land area is about The island is six km long and a kilometre wide. The island is slightly hotter than the other islands in the group.

The main occupations of the people are fishing, coir and copra production. There are a lot of shops and markets for tourists to visit. It is a centre for a lot of trade. At the resorts on the island there are facilities for Scuba diving, snorkeling and water sports.

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Amini Island
This island is 407km from Cochin. The island gets its name from the Arabic word ‘Amin’, which means ‘faithful’. The island has a unique rectangle shape. It is three km long and 1.5 km wide. Its location is 11°- 07* North Latitude, 72°- 44* East longitude. Its area is The island has a population of 7.340.

Corals and sand stone, which are found plentifully on the island, are the raw materials used for construction of buildings here. With the abundance of coconut shells and timber, the people engage in making of walking sticks with them. Tortoise shells are used to embellish them. The craftsmen are also known for stone engraving.

The island’s people are fun-loving and cheerful. Tourists can get an idea about the history of the islands through their folk songs. The culture and heritage of the islands are passed onto the younger generation through these songs.

It is the nearest island to the mainland – 292km. Different from other islands, this one has an east-west orientation while the others have a north-south one. It is located at 10°- 49* North latitude, 73°- 41* East longitude.

Andrott was the first island to have accepted Islam. Saint Ubaidullah converted the people of islands. He lived and died on the island. His crypt still remains in the Juma-ath Mosque.

Andrott is also famous for being the largest island in Lakshadweep. It covers an area of The population numbers at 10,720. Fishing is the most common means of earning a livelihood for the natives. It is second only to Minicoy and Agatti in the industry. Coir and copra production, too, is an important industry.

Chetlat has the fame of being the northern most inhabited island of Lakshadweep. Coir twisting is the chief occupation of the people. Chetlat’s people also manufacture mats and coconut leaf weaves. Boat building is a flourishing business here.

Bangaram’s fame lies in the fact that it is not a crowded island to be on. Bangaram Island Resort by the CGH group of hotels has 60 bedded beach cottages with a multi-cuisine restaurant. A well-stocked bar is also on offer. This is the only inhabited part of the island. The Monsoons are the best time to visit. The island resort has won numerous luxury and travel awards.

The resort offers facilities for scuba diving, beach games, swimming, snorkeling and deep sea fishing. The tranquil beaches are playgrounds for the adventure-lovers. Even if you’re the quieter type, do not fret. A day in the sun, tanning yourself, or just swimming in the sea itself will suffice to soothe your nerves.

The coral reef nearby deserves some mention as it is absolutely awesome. You can explore it by going boating or scuba diving.

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It is said that a woman from the island of Chetlat was the first settler here. She came here with her sons around 1945. The island is located by 11°- 36* North Latitude, 72°- 10* East longitude. It is 483km from Cochin. At it’s quite a small island, too.

Being the least populated island in the region, there are many flora and fauna to be found here. Especially birds. Till 1835 Bitra was the breeding ground for a number of sea birds. Though the number has decreased considerably, there still are a lot of them around. Only 264 people live here.

The holy place of Malik Mulla is a memorial built in the memory of an Arab saint. This place of pilgrimage is visited by many devotees. A lot of people from the other islands as well as from abroad come here to pay their respects.

Kadmat is eight km long and just over half a kilometre wide. The island’s population is 5319. It is located at 11°- 13* North Latitude 72°- 47*, East longitude, and is 407km from Cochin.

The beautiful shallow lagoon on the west and narrow lagoon on the east forms an ideal spot for water sports. Kayaking, pedal boating, sailing yachting, water skiing and glass bottomed boating are famous here. You can rent the equipment.

The scuba diving centre in the island has become an attraction for water-sport enthusiasts. It attracts tourists from all over the world during the season. The long, sandy beaches and small sand banks on the southern tip are the best attractions of the island.

Tourist huts aesthetically positioned in the coconut palm groves in the beaches face the lagoon here. It is beautiful to wake up to the birds’ chirping and the wind blowing in your face. Retire from the hustle and bustle of the city and come to Kadmat.

Kalpeni island is famous for its scenic beauty and it constitute small islets called Tilakkam and Pitti and an abandoned atoll on the north called Cheriyam. During low tide you can walk across to Cheriyam. A huge shallow lagoon encloses all of these islands.

It is located at 10°- 05* North Latitude, 73°- 39* East longitude. Kalpeni is 287m from Cochin. The area is about The population stands at over 4,ooo. The attractive feature of Kalpeni is the huge bank of coral wreckage along the eastern and south-eastern seashores.

Pitti is an island bird sanctuary. Lots and lots of birds – especially migratory ones – have made it their home. Tourists, scientists, ornithologists and travellers come here to spend their time with nature. It is a retreat for photographers and trekkers.

Kalpeni is a progressive island; it was the first island in Lakshadweep that offered women education. Tourists coming to Kalpeni are greeted with a host of activities – sea swimming, reef-walking, kayaking, sailing, angling and boating. There are many options for water sports, too. The Baniyan factory and the light house are worthy a visit.

Kalpeni is part of the Coral reef package of tours. There are four tourist cottages on the premises.

In 1964 it was named the administrative headquarters of Lakshadweep. The island’s population is 10,113. The Dolphin Dive Centre is the main attraction. You can go on guided dives; experienced persons can hire equipment and go diving themselves.

The peaceful beaches form an idyllic spot for water sports, swimming. Basking on the lukewarm sandy beaches attract tourist to the maximum.

Excellent collection of specimens at the marine aquarium exhibits the true position of marine life. Glass bottomed boats at the aquarium centres offer under water navigation. The tourist centers at Kavarattii provide kayaks and sailing yachts on hire.

Kiltan lays 51km north-east of Amini island. It falls on the international trade route between the Gulf and Sri Lanka. The island is three km long. The people on the island are known for their rendition of folk songs and dances.

This southernmost island in Lakshadweep is 10.6km long. Viringili on the south is the smallest islet. Minicoy is the second largest island. Mahl is the language spoken in Minicoy. The island’s village system known as ‘Avah’ comprises a group of houses headed by an elderly man called Mooppan or Badukaka.
The island is known for tuna fishing. The 300-foot lighthouse here was built in 1885. There are lots of things to do on the island. One can swim, beach walk, sail, or hire pedal boats and kayaks. Three tourist cottages and 20 bedded tourist homes are available, too.

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